Hi Henrik,

> registration. After the server has been on for a while I suddenly get
> http://vizreader.com:39968/366072015751376...@start?*menu=+0&*Tab=+1&*ID=
> and "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

This looks like a timeout. Sessions have by default a timeout of 5
minutes before a user logs in (and after a user logs out), and 1 hour
while a user is logged in.

However, as I said, this applies only to sessions, i.e. children of the
main server process. The server itself does not time out. So I actually
don't know what causes the problem.

> I have no idea where 366072015751376...@start?*menu=+0&*Tab=+1&*ID= is
> coming from.

This is the standard link URL generated by the GUI. It assumes that a
menu via <menu> and perhaps tabs via <tab> are present, but does not
harm if they are not. It has probably nothing to do with the timeout.

- Alex
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