Hi Henrik,

now I think I see one of the reasons for the unexpected behavior of your

> Currently I'm using the following to determine whether the session has
> timed out or not:
> (de getUsr ()
>    (db 'uid '+User (cdr (assoc 'uid *Cookies))))
> (de usrQuit ()
>   (let Usr (getUsr)
>      (or Usr (redir "@logout"))))
> ...
> (de start () (if (getUsr) (desktop) (signin)))

In the code you've sent me, the 'desktop' function is

(de desktop ()   
   (html 0 "Viz Reader" *Css NIL 
      (when (usrQuit) (prin "You're now logged in.")) ) )

However, 'usrQuit' will always return non-NIL, because even when 'Usr'
is NIL in

   (or Usr (redir "@logout"))

the return value of 'redir' is always non-NIL. Better might be

   (unless Usr
      (redir "@logout") )

- Alex
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