On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 09:27:16AM +0100, Henrik Sarvell wrote:
> I think I understand, how would I properly log someone out of the
> normal GUI, ie when using (app) et al, setting *SesId to NIL maybe? I
> just browsed http.l and noticed that variable.

I would not manipulate '*SesId'. This would just give errors due to
illegal accesses to the session.

I use "lib/adm.l", which has functions for login and logout. I'm not
sure in your case, but for terminating a session just (bye) might also

> (de usrQuit ()
>   (let Usr (getUsr)
>      (or Usr (redir "@logout"))))

What does 'redir' do? Something like 'redirect' in "lib/http.l"? Then it
would be better to call (logout) directly instead of redirecting to
"@logout", wouldn't it? Also, this would avoid an additional HTTP

> So the following redirects to logout if the user id is not in a cookie:
> (de logout ()
>    (setq *Cookies NIL)
>    (cookie 'uid NIL)
>    (redir "@start"))

Same here. I would directly call 'start' or any other functions needed.

> (de signin ()
>    (app)
>    (action
>       (html 0 "RSS Reader" *Css NIL
>          (form NIL
>             (<table> NIL NIL NIL
>                (<row> NIL "Username"  (gui 'uname '(+TextField) 10))
>                (<row> NIL "Password"  (gui 'pwd   '(+PwField)   10))
>                (<row> NIL
>                   (gui '(+Button) "Login"
>                      '(let Uid (chkLogin (val> (: home uname)) (val>
> (: home pwd)))
>                          (if Uid
>                             (prog
>                                (cookie 'uid Uid)
>                                (setq *Cookies (cons 'uid Uid))
>                                (redir))
>                             (err "Could not login.")))))
>                (<row> NIL (<href> "Sign Up" "@register")))))))
> It was after pressing the Login button here I got the problem,
> redirecting to, and rendering the login form was not a problem.

Thre redirecting causes you to lose part of the session's context.
Perhaps it all works if you just do the processig directly, as I
suggested? The code will probably also become much simpler.

You could try to just use the 'login' function from "lib/adm.l", as in
"app/gui.l". I think that it has all necessary mechanisms.

- Alex
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