On Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 10:40:05AM +0100, Henrik Sarvell wrote:
> Yes the (patch _htHead '(format (car @H)) 0) line didn't help in the end :(

OK, so we know at least that it is not a HTTP/1.1 problem.

> 1.) Started it and tried to break it by logging out and in a few times
> from different browsers.
> 2.) Went home a few hours later and tried from home and got it right away.

Could it be that it has to do with some cookie timeout, or cookie vs.
client-IP mismatch? If it is not a race condition or some other
heisenbug, you should try to trace it down, to find out exactly where
things go wrong. I would start with -traceAll with stderr redirected to
a file like

   ./dbg login-test/main.l-- -traceAll -g 2>errlog

- Alex
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