That's good news! I'd be glad to participate. I can do some graphics, css, maybe JavaScript/jQuery if that's need. As I first thing I can try to do something on the "p\_" logo.


On 1/6/10 11:36 AM, Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi all,

let's go ahead, and start our own wiki!

Currently, we have a lot of resources, spread across external hosters
which are more or less commercial, and the discussion around code
repositories. We ran into various restrictions, imposed by existing

If we concentrate efforts and contents to a single location, we might
get more activity and feedback.

TC/Armadillo wrote in a PM a few days ago that his "blood was boiling"
when the idea of a wiki in picoLisp popped up in IRC. He already spent a
lot of thoughts on it: "http://arm.picolisp.org/plikiFormat";.

I'm sure Henrik will join, I would imagine that he and myself could
contribute the database part and GUI linkage. Perhaps Jon is interested
too (graphics?). Tomas fell conspicuously silent - are you there? Who

For the initial version, I can provide server space. As both hardware
and bandwidth are limited, we can think about moving it later. I've set
it up at "picolisp.com". If OK for Javier, we might later link
"picolisp.org" to it too.

Currently, it only shows the logo. I would hope that TC/Armadillo takes
care of setting up Mercury, and we discuss further proceedings here in
the mailing list.


- Alex

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