Hi Jon,

> Here's my first take on the logo:
> <http://folk.uio.no/jkleiser/pico/graphics.html>

Great. Thanks!

> Colors and widths can be adjusted. Is it OK that the lower end of the  
> blue bar is not hidden behind the red bar? If you want me to find some  
> more tasteful, not so naïve, colors, I can give it a try.

I'm a very bad artist or designer, so I don't dare to judge.

But, for a test, I put it into "picolisp.com" (or "www.picolisp.com").

I thought "www.picolisp.com" to be the (static) start page for one or
more applications. For a first try, I installed a skeleton for an
application under "wiki.picolisp.com". Still completely empty. Now we
must define an entity/relationship data model etc.

- Alex
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