Hi Jon,

> I tried to log in, but of course I don't remember if I already have a  
> name and password, and if I have, what that might be. As I tried  

Where you _did_ create an account was the demo app.7fach.de, I think.

> different combinations, however, I noticed that every now and then the  
> red-on-yellow message "Permission denied" did not show, especially if I  
> used the Enter key instead of clicking "OK". I experienced this both  
> with Safari and Firefox.

Strange. Do you think this is serious? I mean, a security hole? Or is it
just that Enter doesn't trigger the "OK" button?

> I have now created a new account, and the new password works fine. ;-)  
> As the new password looks rather cryptic, however, I would welcome a way  
> to change it ...

This is no problem. If you click on the link "My account", you get to
the maintenance GUI and can change your data (name, password, email,
picture), view your contributions, and even delete your account if you

> And, will it be a way to select a language other than English?

To be true, I removed the language selection, because I thought it
doesn't make sense in such a wiki. The language would only affect the
GUI fields and buttons, but not he wiki contents, of course. As all
documents in the wiki will probably in English, a user should be able to
read English anyway.

On the other hand, other locale settings like the date format might be
convenient to see in familar representations.

So what is the general opinion? Should I put back in the locale
selection? This would imply, however, that we also must prepare
translations in all languages for the wiki-specific texts.

- Alex
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