Hi Tomas,

> I am confused, we have several wikis now?

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), yes.

> - http://logand.com/picoWiki/
> - http://www.picolisp.org/
> - http://picolisp.com/5000/-2.html

The official entry point for the latter is "home.picolisp.com", with a
parallel direct entry to the DB maintenance at "wiki.picolisp.com".

We (or at least I) were dissatisfied with picolisp.org (wikidot). It is
not open, and too slow, and the advertisements are annoying. We
discussed it here and in IRC, so picolisp.com is intended as a long term
replacement of picolisp.org.

> Can I wish for the RSS feature?

Great idea. I have no idea, though. Perhaps some input from Henrik?

> And versioning?  And maybe diff view?

That is there already, if you go to the DB admin part. You could also
study the sources (wiki.tgz).

> The new wikis seem very complex to me:-( After I wrote my original
> picoWiki, I found that even that was way too complex and came to the
> conclusion that a wiki for a small community should be something like
> the ultimate and first wiki ever http://c2.com/cgi/wiki which I find
> brilliant both regarding content and implementation;-)

I have not much experience and overview. I just wanted something fully
controllable (the picoLisp way :) and simple, which is usable without
much trouble.

> I must admit that I find this account feature unnecessary overkill:-(

Hmm, perhaps, but I don't want to give full access to anybody. As we
have so many wikis now, we can experiment with several strategies ;-)

> Also markup seems too far from plain text.

Armadillo and Javier seem to be of the opposite opinion. For them, my
markup is too simple.

- Alex
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