No, I don't think you should bother with multi-lang. I will try to post
various pieces, I just have to finish Pico Admin first.


On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 6:10 PM, Alexander Burger <>wrote:

> Hi Jon,
> > I tried to log in, but of course I don't remember if I already have a
> > name and password, and if I have, what that might be. As I tried
> Where you _did_ create an account was the demo, I think.
> > different combinations, however, I noticed that every now and then the
> > red-on-yellow message "Permission denied" did not show, especially if I
> > used the Enter key instead of clicking "OK". I experienced this both
> > with Safari and Firefox.
> Strange. Do you think this is serious? I mean, a security hole? Or is it
> just that Enter doesn't trigger the "OK" button?
> > I have now created a new account, and the new password works fine. ;-)
> > As the new password looks rather cryptic, however, I would welcome a way
> > to change it ...
> This is no problem. If you click on the link "My account", you get to
> the maintenance GUI and can change your data (name, password, email,
> picture), view your contributions, and even delete your account if you
> like.
> > And, will it be a way to select a language other than English?
> To be true, I removed the language selection, because I thought it
> doesn't make sense in such a wiki. The language would only affect the
> GUI fields and buttons, but not he wiki contents, of course. As all
> documents in the wiki will probably in English, a user should be able to
> read English anyway.
> On the other hand, other locale settings like the date format might be
> convenient to see in familar representations.
> So what is the general opinion? Should I put back in the locale
> selection? This would imply, however, that we also must prepare
> translations in all languages for the wiki-specific texts.
> Cheers,
> - Alex
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