Hi Jon,

> I would like to try the PicoLisp wiki code on my own machine, but
> I'm not sure what's the right way to launch it. Can the wiki
> directory be outside the picoLisp directory? Which should be the
> current directory?

I wouldn't recommend that, as most path names assume a local
installation. You could probably fix that by changing the calls to

So if you unpack "wiki.tgz" in the runtime directory, you could just
start it as

   $ ./dbg wiki/main.l lib/too.l -main -go

The problem is the initial database. For that, a file "wiki/init.l" is
included that creates a minimal set of objects (Roles and users).

So for the first start, I would recommend to do

   $ mkdir -p db/wiki
   $ ./dbg wiki/main.l lib/too.l -main wiki/init.l -go

Then connect your browser to DB maintenance page at


log in as "admin" / "admin", and create the first page manually.

I just noticed, there was an error in "wiki/init.l". The first user
didn't have the correct admin role. Please download the "wiki.tgz" once

Hope I didn't forget anything.

- Alex
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