Hi Jon,

> I now have a local wiki up and sort of running, but when I started it this
> way ...
>    $ ./dbg wiki/main.l lib/too.l -main -go


> .. then I got this in the log:
>    No menu document
> I have now to created both the home and menu documents, but when I go to

Good! Sorry, I forgot to mention that. There need two intitial documents
to be created first, with the names "home" and "menu". As ever, the
source was the best documentation ;-)

> localhost:5000 in my browser, I still just get the maintenance pages. How
> do I get to see it the wiki way?

By pointing the browser to the "home" document.

For that, you must find out the object ID of that document, e.g. by
opening it in the admin GUI and looking at the URL, in my case
"...?*ID=-2", or on the debug prompt with

   : (db 'nm '+Doc home) 
   -> {2}

The URL encoding of database objects in picolisp is with a leading "-",
you could also try this as

   : (ht:Fmt '{2})
   -> "-2"

In your case (where you created the "home" document in the GUI), your
object is probably something like {3-2}, so the URL encoding will be

Whatever the object ID of your "home" document is, the URL to point your
browser at is that URL encoding, appended with ".html":


or (without 'httpGate' running)


That's all.

- Alex
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