Hi Jon,

> >Then connect your browser to DB maintenance page at
> >
> >   "http://localhost/5000";
> I'm quite sure you mean "http://localhost:5000";.

Oops, yes.

In fact, I'm using the above line, as I have 'httpGate' running on my
machines. For anyone doing extended development with PicoLisp, I would
recommend to put into "/etc/rc.local" (or equivalent):

   /path/to/picoLisp/bin/httpGate 80 8080 "" 8081 8082

and perhaps also (if they want to use HTTPS) build a PEM file, and
append to "/etc/rc.local":

   /path/to/picoLisp/bin/httpGate 443 8080 /path/to/pem 8081 8082

Then only port 80 and/or 443 need to be open to the outside.

- Alex
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