Hi Alex,

>> I have now created both the home and menu documents, but when I go to
>> localhost:5000 in my browser, I still just get the maintenance pages.
>> How do I get to see it the wiki way?
> By pointing the browser to the "home" document.
> For that, you must find out the object ID of that document, e.g. by
> opening it in the admin GUI and looking at the URL, in my case
> "...?*ID=-2", or on the debug prompt with

When I open the "home" in the admin GUI, I have this URL:

.. but when I try to go to "http://localhost:5000/-2-1.html";, I get
nothing but a complaint in Safari, and in the log I see this:

? !? (in (blob (; (id @) mup) 'txt) (render))
db/wiki/blob/.txt open: No such file or directory

In my db/wiki/blob I have this:

..3  drwxr-xr-x
.....-  drwxr-xr-x
........1.txt  -rw-r--r--
........2.txt  -rw-r--r--
........3.txt  -rw-r--r--

.. where 3.txt is the latest version of "home".

I think it would have been nice if the admin GUI could have a link to the
wiki mode for "home", or the current document.


>    : (db 'nm '+Doc home)
>    -> {2}
> The URL encoding of database objects in picolisp is with a leading "-",
> you could also try this as
>    : (ht:Fmt '{2})
>    -> "-2"
> In your case (where you created the "home" document in the GUI), your
> object is probably something like {3-2}, so the URL encoding will be
> "-3-2".
> Whatever the object ID of your "home" document is, the URL to point your
> browser at is that URL encoding, appended with ".html":
>    http://localhost/5000/-2.html
> or (without 'httpGate' running)
>    http://localhost:5000/-2.html
> That's all.
> Cheers,
> - Alex

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