Hi Jon,

> Another little problem: Since I don't use httpGate, the "Start Page" link
> in the menu should not point to http://localhost/5000/-2-1.html, but to
> http://localhost:5000/-2-1.html. Ho can we fix that?

Right. There is an assumption for httpGate. Also, that part is
unnecessarily complicated.

Better is (in "wiki/gui.l"):

   <             (let Url (pack (ht:Fmt @) ".html")
   <                (<href> Str
   <                   (if *Login
   <                      Url
   <                      (pack "http://"; *Host "/" *WikiPort "/" Url) ) ) ) )
   >             (<href> Str (pack (ht:Fmt @) ".html")) )

The distinction depending on '*Login', and hard-coding the "/", made no
sense. Not sure why I've put it in :-(

- Alex
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