Hi Jon,

> ? !? (in (blob (; (id @) mup) 'txt) (render))
> db/wiki/blob/.txt open: No such file or directory

Oops, sorry! From the context I see that this is an access to the "menu"
document (line 116 in "wiki/gui.l").

You found a bug! The above works only on my system, because I created
the "home" and "menu" objects initially by and, so that they ended up as
{2} and {4}.

For a "normal" setup, where these objects reside in DB file 2 (e.g.
{2-1}), the above call to 'id' won't work.

Please change "wiki/main.l"

   <          (setq *WikiHome (id @))
   >          (setq *WikiHome (id @ T))
   <          (setq *WikiMenu (id @))
   >          (setq *WikiMenu (id @ T))

and "wiki/gui.l"

   <                (in (blob (; (id @) mup) 'txt)
   >                (in (blob (; (id (car @) (cdr @)) mup) 'txt)

I've also uploaded a fixed "wiki.tgz".

- Alex
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