Hi Alex,

>> if I understand it well, you have all the articles locally on one
>> machine.  I wonder how long a simple grep over the article blobs would
>> take?  22 seconds seems very long for any serious use.  Have you
> Such numbers are very variable, and difficult to predict.

I'm not sure what you mean.  How long does a simple grep over the
article blob files take?  That should serve as a rough indicator about
worst case behaviour.

> For example, in the system mentioned in my previous mail, with
> informations about millions of files distributed across several hosts,
> searching for a given combination of e.g. file name pattern and
> meta-informations like access times, sizes or md5 keys might take a
> few seconds at the first access, but subsequent accesses
> (i.e. continuing the search by scrolling down the list) showed almost
> no delay at all.

Hmm, I know too little about the actual system you talk about so I it's
hard to make an educated opinion on this;-) 


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