Hi Tomas,

> > Such numbers are very variable, and difficult to predict.
> I'm not sure what you mean.  How long does a simple grep over the
> article blob files take?  That should serve as a rough indicator about
> worst case behaviour.

I'm not talking about the timings of 'grep', but of the database.

'grep' is also subject to cache effects, but not as much as the picoLisp
database, where each process caches all objects once they have been
accessed. The whole query context is also cached, and related searches
continue in the same context.

The timings are also difficult to predict because they depend very much
on the distribution of keys within the indexes, and which keys are
queried from each index in which combination. For example, if you ask
for a key combination that contains one or several keys that occur
_seldom_ in the db, the matching results are found almost immediately.
On the opposite end, searching for a combination of _common_ keys may
require relatively long to find the exact hits.

- Alex
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