Hi Alex and Henrik,

Would the Linux system or my Mac, or both, have to be in 64-bit mode
for the 64-bit PicoLisp to work?

I would say: yes. Because a 32-bit Linux cannot execute 64-bit binaries
(the other way round works, though)

Why do you need a ready-made Linux image? Isn't there a direct way,
perhaps even with a live-CD, to start Linux on the Mac?

- Alex

I am now running Ubuntu (ubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.iso) using VirtualBox, on a couple of Intel Macs, and installing 64-bit PicoLisp was incredibly easy. When I did the (cd src64; make picolisp), I got the prompt back almost immediately, with no message indicating success or failure. However, I could start PicoLisp with the ./dbg command, and the (= 64 64) gave me T, confirming I was using 64-bit PicoLisp. Great!

Two questions to Alex:

- Is it possible to run OpenGL stuff with 64-bit PicoLisp on Ubuntu?

- In some mails in the "Status of 64 picoLisp" thread (Oct. 2008) you described why assembly was chosen instead of C for the 64-bit PicoLisp. They can be looked up here:


Wouldn't it be nice to have some of this information on the PicoLisp Wiki?

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