Hi Jon,

> - Is it possible to run OpenGL stuff with 64-bit PicoLisp on Ubuntu?

Yeah, this is one of the major open issues on 64-bits.

Unfortunately, the 32-bit OpenGL library doesn't work on 64-bits, we
have to rewrite it using 'native' calls. I couldn't do it until now, as
I have no local 64-bit machine (only accessed remotely via ssh) and thus
no way to test the graphics.

Let's do it together? If you have a test setup (I'm assuming so ;) then
I can give you input about the basic structure.

> you described why assembly was chosen instead of C for the 64-bit
> PicoLisp ...
> Wouldn't it be nice to have some of this information on the PicoLisp Wiki?

In fact, it is there, although a bit hidden. It is in the file
"doc64/README", which is also part of the distribution.

- Alex
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