Hi Alex,

On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 2:39 PM, Edwin Eyan Moragas <e...@yndy.org> wrote:
>> I didn't test under OpenBSD since last year. Something's wrong with the
>> link flags (PICOLISP-FLAGS or DYNAMIC-LIB-FLAGS) in "src/Makefile"?
> will check.
> thank you

no problems with the link flags as far as i can tell. it compiles cleanly.

diverging a bit. what's picolisp's protocol of loading shared libs?

i'm asking to just save effort. i can trace it in the code but... you
know the drill. :)

the errors i posted earlier comes *after* i stop the browser from
waiting for the request.

in another train of thought, i'm thinking of creating a static binary
instead of dynamic libs, so the my question is still in line with this

patience and peace,

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