Hi Alex,

>>    (java "javax.swing.JFrame" T "Animation")
>> or
>>    (interface "java.awt.event.MouseListener" ...
>> In wl, there is no need for this because I can do this at read-time,
>> like the above example:
>>    `(jclass "java.lang.System")
>> Also, I can do it only once, see the 'import' function and how it is
>> used in swing.l and swt.l.
> This is also the same in ErsatzLisp. 'interface' returns a Proxy object
> (as 'java' returns an arbitrary Java object) which can be kept in a
> variable etc.


But my original point was, can you use Class instances directly in
ErsatzLisp?  E.g. something like

   (interface MouseListener ...

   where (val 'MouseListener) instanceof java.lang.Class for
   "java.awt.event.MouseListener" (in other words


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