Hi Jon,

> >>how much work would it involve if we ported the 'rcsim' flight simulator
> >>to our new OpenGL library?
> >Or, perhaps even better: How about investigating WebGL?
> Is a port of your 'rcsim' flight simulator still interesting? I

Yes, sure! :)

It is a kind of pet project for me, and occasionally I still let it fly
(though not the applet version, but using "bin/z3dClient").

> be to start writing a 3d model of the Fokker plane in JSON format,
> if possible using a similar scheme as the one used for the tea pot
> in this article:
> <http://learningwebgl.com/blog/?p=1658>

What would be the advantage of JSON over the current S-EXPR format of
the model?

- Alex
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