Hi Renaud,

> Hi Alex, and thanks for your answer...

No problem. I'm glad for your input.

> -ldl is present in the Makefile, and also in the "complaining" invocation of
> gcc :
> gcc -m64 -rdynamic -lc -lm -ldl -o ../bin/picolisp x86-64.linux.base.o

Hmm, looking at that, it occurs to me that the order of arguments to
'gcc' might be relevant: If it first processes "-ldl", and _then_
"x86-64.linux.base.o", it might be too late to detect that certain
functions from the library are needed.

But if so, why did it work under Debian?

Anyway, could you help me with a test? Change in Makefile

1. The line in the "Linux" condition

      LD-MAIN = gcc -m64 -rdynamic -lc -lm -ldl


      LD-MAIN = -m64 -rdynamic -lc -lm -ldl

2. The line in the "$(bin)/picolisp:" target

      $(LD-MAIN) -o $(bin)/picolisp $(ARCH).$(SYS).base.o


      gcc -o $(bin)/picolisp $(ARCH).$(SYS).base.o $(LD-MAIN)

If it works with these changes, then we must also fix the corresponding
LD-SHARED lines.

- Alex
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