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> Hi list,
> when reading Picolisp source code I often find myself a bit confused
> with regards to the meaning of @ in the context of the source code.
> Therefore I tried to make a table that summarizes all possible
> meanings of @ in Picolisp in one place (see attached html-file
> below). Please let me know what I've missed or where I misunderstood
> something.
> If you think the table is worth it, I could make a wiki-page for it,
> but I don't have access to the picolisp-wiki. 
> Cheers

'text also uses @ http://software-lab.de/doc/refT.html#text
It's also useful to note that in short-circuit evaluation style
functions like 'and, @ always holds the result of the previously
evaluated argument, as you can see in this typical PicoLisp line:

  (and and (@ (min @ 5) (prinl @) (gt0 (dec @)) .))

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