Hi Mansur,

> Now I see another strange behaviour. My steps (CentOS 6.2 x64):
> ...
> Then I load http://wiki.mysite:5000 in Firefox, log in
> (admin:admin), navigate to "Articles & Essays" in the left menu.
> I see "New document 'Articles', This document doesn't exist yet".
> Seems ok. I press "Create document", fill the body and summary, save
> the document and now I see that created page and "Edit" link on the
> top of it. Ok. But when I try to navigate to "Articles & Essays", I
> see "This document doesn't exist yet" again.
> The same happens with other links in the left menu.
> What I'm doing wrong?

Hmm, strange. This looks all right. I tried the same here without

Can you see the new document(s) on the prompt, after you created them?
I created "Articles", clicked on "Save", then

   : (scan (tree 'nm '+Doc))
   "articles" {2-1}
   "help" {5}
   "home" {2}
   "menu" {4}
   -> {6-1}

   : (select +Doc)         
   {4} (+Doc)
      mup {3-2}
      nm "menu"
   {2} (+Doc)
      mup {3-1}
      nm "home"

   {5} (+Doc)
      mup {3-3}
      nm "help"

   {2-1} (+Doc)
      mup {3-4}
      nm "articles"

   -> NIL

- Alex
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