What I see is that '+Doc object loses it's 'nm property after any try to edit. This is visible also in the maintenance gui: Name field is always resets to empty state with <Document> hint, when I tab to "body" field

Hmm, strange. This looks all right. I tried the same here without

Can you see the new document(s) on the prompt, after you created them?
I created "Articles", clicked on "Save", then

    : (scan (tree 'nm '+Doc))
    "articles" {2-1}
    "help" {5}
    "home" {2}
    "menu" {4}
    ->  {6-1}

    : (select +Doc)
    {4} (+Doc)
       mup {3-2}
       nm "menu"

    {2} (+Doc)
       mup {3-1}
       nm "home"

    {5} (+Doc)
       mup {3-3}
       nm "help"

    {2-1} (+Doc)
       mup {3-4}
       nm "articles"

    ->  NIL

- Alex

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