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On Friday 17 of August 2012 11:47:55 you wrote:
> just one curiosity - how would one write a PicoLisp application that
> recieves and processes (and maybe sends) SMS messages?
> What would be involved to give the application a 'phone number' (or
> maybe many) so that messages can be send to and from it?
> Anybody with experiences in SMS processing? Is that like email
> processing with standard header and body etc?
> What if the application is a service and each incoming SMS should be
> charged by me (e.g. 20cent extra cost billed by me, additionally to the
> basic SMS costs of the telephone provider)?
> Not really so PicoLisp specific, but maybe somebody has some experience
> in this field and doesn't mind to share it.

recently my company has been handed an offer by Plus (polish GSM operator, 
related to Vodafone) for SMS service. They provide you with access to a server 
(via https and SOAP available) and with one GSM number and other assorted 
goodies, like dynamic text substitution facility.

Pricing is similar to consumer SMSes. You pay monthly subscription (comparable 
to consumer subscriptions), which includes a couple hundred or thousand SMS.

Albeit I am unsure if `free SMS' (with costs covered by receiver than sender) 
is available with this service.

Seems like a little-hassle, no-strings-attached way to me. No need to fiddle  
with actual GSM hardware.

dexen deVries

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