Doug Snead <>

Hi Joe and Doug,

I read up your conversations about PicoLisp on Android in the mailing
list and your articles in the Wiki about the topic:

> Ok, so now this means we can package some picolisp client/server
> applications as android apps, using the android browser. (I think.) I
> like that approach because it works with the android browser and app
> packaging scheme - and at the same time you're getting picolisp in all
> its glory and efficiency.

I don't have an Android device to try out your code examples, but I
would be interested in the 'status quo' of this topic - is full PicoLisp
running on Android, have there been any real Apps implemented in
PicoLisp by somebody?

If so - are there any cons of using PicoLisp instead of Java to be



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