Hi Thorsten,

> assume I want to use <menu> and <tab> in a context where calls to 
> #+begin_src picolisp
>  (html 0 "Hello" "@lib.css" NIL ...)
> #+end_src
> are unnessesary or even unwanted since the HTML produced by the PicoLisp
> functions should be embedded into a html-page that is produced by another
> program.
> ...
> without a surrounding '(html ... ) call. 

This should be all right. All those HTML-generating functions just print
formatted output.

> How can I tell <menu> and <tab> about "@lib.css" in this case? Is there a way
> to pass both, the css file and attribute-value pairs to these two
> tag-functions?

<menu> or <tab> actually don't know or care about CSS. The line

>   (<div> '(id . main) ...

will generate the output

   <div id="main"></div> ...

where the class "main" refers to a CSS class. The browser which
generates the page must receive the right CSS file(s). In case of the
PicoLisp 'html' function, this is done automatically in the page header.

In your case, it should be possible that you call (javascript "lib.css")
to generate

   <script type="text/javascript" src="http://:/lib.css";></script>

but the problem might be to get the pathnames right. Note that for the
above the global '*JS' must be non-NIL, because otherwise 'javascript'
outputs nothing.

♪♫ Alex
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