Alexander Burger <> writes:

Hi Alex,

>> are not really expanded, but exported verbatim to html.
>> ...
>> <ul class="@lib.css">
>> ...
>> Is that correct?
> Yes, for the above reason. The browser finds "@lib.css" in the HTML
> source, and asks the server for it. The PicoLisp server sees "@lib.css",
> and thus knows where to find it (i.e. in the PicoLisp installation
> directory).

I see...

>> Another problem with my embedded PicoLisp code is that the hrefs
>> produced are incomplete. This
>> ...
>> Thus only one link 
>> points to the test.l file as it should, the others not.
> This is because the submenus are not "opened". The state of the menu is
> controlled via the '*Menu' global variable. Each bit refers to a
> submenu. So if you set '*Menu' to a number with as many 1-bits as there
> are submenus, you should be safe, e.g (setq *Menu (dec (** 2 24))).

a slightly underdocumented feature ... or is that described somewhere?

Thanks so far, I made the CSS working by putting the stylesheet link
into the <head> section, so far it was exported to the html <body> and
then ignored. 



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