Hi Alex,

> Hi Jon,
> thanks for the input!
>> obtain the PicoLisp.java source for the ersatz/picolisp.jar, I did
>> cd ersatz/
>> pil mkJar +
>> I then created an empty Java project in Eclipse and imported the
>> PicoLisp.java source. To avoid a NullPointerException when running my
>> project, I entered "-DPID=999" into 'VM arguments' in 'Run
>> Configurations'. (999 just seemed to work for now. $$ did not.) Then I
>> could do simple PicoLisp stuff in the Eclipse Console. ;-)
> Great!
>> However, Eclipse gave me 36 warnings. They may mean next to nothing for
>> the Ersatz execution. Most of the warnings (23) were "The value of the
>> local variable ... is not used". In case you should want to do some
>> cleaning up when having some spare time, I have attached a zip file
>> containing the (tab separated) warnings.txt (and the PicoLisp.java).
> OK. First I removed
>    import java.nio.channels.spi.*;
> from "ersatz/sys.src", it seems indeed not necessary.
> But I don't get the point with the messages
>    The value of the local variable next is not used   PicoLisp.java
> /Ersatz/src line 1507   Java Problem
> because 'next' is in fact used (and needed!) in all those cases.
> How come?

I cannot see one place where the value of 'next' is used (read/retrieved).
Can you tell me which line?

> Also, I'm not sure about those "is a raw type" messages. My Java
> knowledge is rather outdated, I'm afraid. How to fix those?
> ?? Alex

At the moment, I'm not sure if one should care about those "raw types".
Maybe someone with more up to date Java knowledge can tell? ;-)


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