Hi Jon,

> > because 'next' is in fact used (and needed!) in all those cases.
> >
> > How come?
> I cannot see one place where the value of 'next' is used (read/retrieved).
> Can you tell me which line?

Yes, for example the one where Eclipse is complaining about:

   The value of the local variable next is not used ... line 1507

Starting from line 1507:

         int next, argc, j = 0;
         Any arg, args[], av[] = null;
         if (x instanceof Cell) {
            av = new Any[6];
               av = append(av, j++, x.Car.eval());
            while ((x = x.Cdr) instanceof Cell);
         next = Env.Next;  Env.Next = 0;

So here 'next' is used.

> At the moment, I'm not sure if one should care about those "raw types".
> Maybe someone with more up to date Java knowledge can tell? ;-)

Yeah :)

♪♫ Alex
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