Hi Alex,

After a quick test of the demo "app", I suggest two improvements.

Numerical input elements can/should be given pattern attributes that
trigger the numerical keypad on iPhones/iPads, like this:
<input pattern="[0-9]*" type="text" value="55667788" />
As far as I know, this pattern makes no difference on Android. ;-)

When I tap/click on a menu and the menu drops down, I would like the menu
to go away if I tap/click outside the menu, on "neutral ground".


> Hi all,
> it is quite straightforward to use the standard PicoLisp GUI on
> smartphones, basically by including a CSS file and new <bar> menu
> function. More about this on
>    http://picolisp.com/5000/!wiki?PhoneGUI
> The article presents a simple demo, and describes how to access it.
> A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!
> ?? Alex

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