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Hi Jon,

thanks for the input!
When I tap/click on a menu and the menu drops down, I would like the menu
to go away if I tap/click outside the menu, on "neutral ground".

This is difficult, if not impossible. The menu is implemented as anchor
elements in an unordered list. Clicking outside it doesn't generate an

Perhaps it could be solved with some JavaScript trick, but this would
break the fundamental rule that the GUI should also work in an
environment without JavaScript (e.g. on text browsers).

Atually, this is not a problem. A JS add-on implementing this doesn't
harm any other functionality.

That's my view also.

So I went ahead and build a handler (triggered by a new function 'bar?'
in "@lib/xhtml.l"), which closes the menu upon a tap/click in the main
window area.

♪♫ Alex

I just tried it here <http://phone.picolisp.com>, and it works. Great!


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