Hi Christophe,

> Now my question: how far could be pushed the idea to write a maximal
> subset of Picolisp in a minimal subset of Picolisp?

I have explored this in my Java implemembtation:

  $ git clone http://logand.com/git/wl.git

where the core is in Java and many functions are implememted in java.wl
using "standard" PicoLisp.

> 2) Since PicoLisp64 is written in a ┬źgeneric assembly┬╗ embedded in
> PicoLisp, I was wondering (only wondering, since the concepts are a
> bit vague for me) if instead of building the .s files we could build
> some http://asmjs.org/ file(s).

Good idea.  Or maybe compiling to a VM written directly in JS would be


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