On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 04:52:58PM +0200, Alexander Burger wrote:
> either install from a package, e.g. in a Debian-based system with
>    # apt-get install picolisp

Oops, sorry! While the above always give the expected results, the

> or otherwise follow the description in the INSTALL file (e.g. set the
> symbolic links as described, or call the executables with local path
> names).

is not a very useful advice, because INSTALL doesn't tell about

To build 'httpGate' locally, you have to compile it

   $ (cd src; make gate)

and then call it (as user 'root') with a local path name like

   # /path/to/installation/bin/httpGate 80 8080

Or, you set a corresponding symbolic link as described for the other

♪♫ Alex
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