Thanks for your speedy reply Alex.

On Jun 30, 2014 2:18 AM, "Alexander Burger" <> wrote:
> Hi David,
> > If I have an +Entity with a +Joint to another +Entity and (show ...) it
> > get an external symbol rather than the data connected to it. How can I
> > all of the data connected to this object? So far the best I've come up
> > is to (dm show> ...) and use (show (: theproperty)) but I want to know
> > there's a more idiomatic way.
> If I understand you correctly, you are looking for a generic and
> reflective way to show all data, without having to write entity-specific
> methods, right?

That's correct unless there's nothing wrong or inefficient about how I use
(show...) within my (show> ...) method to display the data of a relation
instead of it's external symbol.

> The 'edit' function is remotely doing that, in that it shows the
> class(es) of the object(s) in a relation (and also decodes calendar
> dates). It doesn't show the individual properties of those objects,
> though, but recurses if you click on them with 'K'. In general, I would
> use 'edit' to browse graphs of database objects.

Yes this is very handy when building and debugging but won't help me
display the data in a GUI component.

> Otherwise, you could write a custom version of 'show' which displays all
> properties of the object using 'getl'. But I do not believe it will be
> visually appealing.

Agreed and a little over my head at this time to write anything more
generic than what you've already written.

> > Also how would I connect a (gui ...) component to such an object which
> > show all of the data of the object rather than external symbols ponting
> > relations?
> As gui components are typed, you would have to resort to a dumb text
> field or textarea to show things completely generically.

I like this idea of a dumb text field just displaying the data.  Can you
elaborate on this?

How about using
> the gui 'repl' function (which opens an interactive REPL in the browser,
> be careful about security issues!!) and then your 'show' from above? ;)

Cool!  I didn't even know about this.  I may use it for debugging but the
shell REPL is fine and I'm too paranoid worth security to let anyone else
have a REPL.

Thanks again for your help.
> ♪♫ Alex
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