Alexander Burger <> writes:

Hi Alex (and George),

> we are proud to announce PilMCU, the Lisp Machine on a Chip! :)

though not really a hardware/low-level guy, I think this sounds pretty

> How shall we proceed? We need investors (or crowdfunding) to polish,
> manufacture and distribute the real thing.

I suggest to proceed in 2 steps:

 1. make me a team member

 2. repeat the {Microsoft|Apple}-Story


> We imagine something in the line of an "Embedded Lisp Machine" or a
> "Lisp Machine Kit". Perhaps for home brewing, educational institutions
> and/or robotics research?
> Is anybody interested -- or knows people who are?

I think I have VC-Companies and Robotics-Research-Faculties in my
neighborhood, so once you have a business-idea based on PilMCU's USPs, I
could try to make first contacts if that helps. 

Not sure what would be a realistic business idea, but maybe start by
figuring out where the real money is nowadays (energy sector,
automotive sector, mobile-phones etc) and then think about a possible niche to

Makes things much easier when potential clients drown in profits ;)

If you find out e.g. how an "Embedded Lisp Machine" can be really useful
for the car industry, we will all have PicoLisp jobs pretty soon!



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