Dear Raman,

> Great news for applications that require PicoLisp on a microcontroller!
> I only had a quick look at the codebase. A lot has changed! :)

Yeah, it actually took me (with interruptions) almost a week ;)

> few disadvantages you mention in your wiki + a slight hit on performance
> I assume since everything is now placed in the flash).

Right, that's another factor. I'll add it to the wiki article.

> Also, currently there are many internal (MCU peripheral specific,
> immutable) PicoLisp symbols like *tmr-sys-timer* in Alcor6L which
> have to be listed in init.s. It's certainly some work.

It is somewhat easier now, because only a single place needs to be
maintained (just "init.s", instead of the three files "pico.h", "main.c"
and "tab.c" before).

♪♫ Alex

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