Hi Alex,

I don’t quite get this. I have done as you suggested, (locale "NO" "no") and 
leading 0, so I can now enter a phone number as 099887766. You say it will be 
stored internally with leading 47 instead of that 0, but when I put the mouse 
over that phone-pencil icon, it seems that "tel:099887766" is what will be used 
(and that’s also the href I see in the inspector).
I must say that I’d prefer entering Norwegian phone numbers without a leading 0 
(unless they belong to some "important" company, e.g. 02323). If I try to dial 
022852804 from my mobile, I get "number not in use".


On 13. Jan, 2015, at 15:37, Alexander Burger <a...@software-lab.de> wrote:

> Hi Jon,
>> I would like the Telephone field to accept 8-digit numbers, which is
>> common in Norway. At the moment I have to prefix with +47, otherwise I
>> get "Bad phone number format".
> You should change the line in the 'main' function
>  (locale "UK")
> to
>  (locale "NO" "no")
> Then, entering a number "0123 456" will show in the GUI with a leading
> zero, but will be stored internally as "47 123 456". Telephone numbers
> are stored internally always in this normalized format, to allow a
> uniform search.
. . .
> ♪♫ Alex

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