Hi Jon,

> I don’t quite get this. I have done as you suggested, (locale "NO"
> "no") and leading 0, so I can now enter a phone number as 099887766. You
> say it will be stored internally with leading 47 instead of that 0, but

Right. You see that if you look directly into the DB.

> when I put the mouse over that phone-pencil icon, it seems that
> "tel:099887766" is what will be used (and that’s also the href I see in
> the inspector).
> ...
> If I try to dial 022852804 from my mobile, I get "number not in use".

I see. So Norway has different systematics with telephone numbers.

I don't understand them, though. In Germany we have the rule that both
"0049 123 456" and "+49 123 456" are the same as "0123 456".

A number without a leading zero is a local number (within the same city,
but that's almost obsolete these days as you can take your number with
you when you move or change your provider, so you can't rely on that).

The '+TelField' (based on the functions 'telStr' and 'expTel') handles
this. What are the exact rules for Norway? And how can we handle this

♪♫ Alex
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