Hi Rick,

> > PilOS is complete so far

Well, to be honest, not completely complete. The most interesting part
is still missing, but that's not an OS-issue, but a matter of PicoLisp
internals: Parallelize parts of the interpreter to employ multiple CPU
cores. First will be the garbage collector.

> What could PilOS be used for?

On a PC it doesn't make much sense. There it is easier to build a
bootable stick with Linux, e.g. with the Debian 'live-build' package.

What I'm targeting for are high-end embedded systems (in the far
future), with multi-core 64-bit CPUs, and perhaps lots of such machines
(each with their local database) connected in a network.

And also for tablets (for my own use, text-only without graphics).

> Does it have any way of communicating with the outside world?

Not currently, except for the USB-Stick. A dedicated/embedded system
would simply use network-hardware.

More infos at: http://picolisp.com/wiki/?PilOS

♪♫ Alex
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