Hi Alex,
I think i got some leads why some of us got stuck with "Checking long mode"
What i noticed is the that if i insert some message printing on most parts of 
the code between "Loading PilOS" and "Checking long mode", i will arrive on the 
real error which is "ERROR: CPU has no local APIC".
I check my BIOS how to enable APIC but seems my BIOS does not have such option. 
So my plan is to enable APIC through assembly code but didn't work, any idea?
But before that i want to resolve why the code will not work properly if 
without the newly inserted message printing.. is it about code misalignment? 
Maybe it differs per CPU model?


     On Thursday, July 9, 2015 9:10 PM, Alexander Burger <a...@software-lab.de> 

 Hi Geo,

> Indeed! ok so time to install qemu.. but hmm if the current pilOS
> works on your qemu then it would not help right? Or does qemu also
> depends on its host hardware that its running?

I think it doesn't. After all, qemu can emulate various systems.

> Hmmm might be helpful if we can refer how those liveUSB handle their boot-up?

Perhaps. But I think they do some things by their own, not depending on
the BIOS.

For example, they do probably implement their own USB library, and their
own disk I/O. I didn't want to go so far, as the BIOS is supposed to do
what we need.

But, anyway, the other current problem - detecting 64-bit long mode - is
not an issue of the BIOS but of the CPU alone.

♪♫ Alex
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