Lawrence Bottorff <> writes:

Yes, I've got this going in my init (*and *the ELPA installed)

(add-to-list 'load-path "/home/hercynian/opt/picoLisp/lib/el") (load "tsm.el") ;; Picolisp TransientSymbolsMarkup (*Tsm) (autoload 'run-picolisp "inferior-picolisp") (autoload 'picolisp-mode "picolisp" "Major mode for editing Picolisp." t)

*nod* Well, my recommendation is to either uninstall my MELPA package, or remove the above from your config - otherwise you'll probably start encountering all sorts of odd issues, and it might be difficult for people familiar with either package to help you untangle what's going on.


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