Dear PicoLisp List,

let me announce a strange little piece of [code?, documentation?,
pamphlet?] which I wrote up to summarize some of the positions and
philosophy of PicoLisp.

In the spirit of Ludwig Wittgenstein I called it

   Tractatus Pico-Blaesicus

and it can be accessed at

On the top-right of the page is a "Source" link.

The code is an interesting exercise in itself:

The HTML entry function 'tractatus' consists mainly of a read-macro
which parses the embedded plaintext block into a '<menu>' structure,
with the hierarchy based on the individual indentation levels.

To have it all together in a single source, the CSS "file" is in fact
the function 'tractatus.css', as well as the source download link
'tractatus.l' (despite their names).

I suspect that the text is not complete yet, and probably neither
error-free nor particularly consistent. Let me know what you think
should be added or changed.

♪♫ Alex

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