Hi Rob,

> I have built picoLisp 64-bit from source per the instructions, but there is
> no HttpGate in the bin directory. I see there is one in the 32-bit src
> directory. Does 64-bit handle it internally in its library?

It is easy to build. I suppose you did

   $ (cd src64; make)

so just do an additional

   $ (cd src; make tools gate)

to build the rest (without pil32).

> How can you update a file and do a browser refresh to see the changes? I

We must distinguish between files which are loaded upon server start-up
and those which are loaded dynamically.

In a normal app, almost all files are loaded dynamically, so it is
sufficient to press the browser's reload button after they were
modified. The simple example is probably a stand-alone file, so here
the server must be restarted.

♪♫ Alex
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