Yes, it worked! If you are doing the 64-bit build, Alex's suggestion of
doing the (cd src; make tools gate) was just what was needed.

Alex, none of the symbolic inks suggested in the INSTALL file have anything
to do with X11, and all is working on my system, however, there is this
weird symbolic link to the X11 folder that recursively has picoLisp within
it in the file explorer. In the terminal, there is only one picoLisp under
this symbolic link of X11 - it no longer recurses the view like in the file
explorer. Any ideas if in trying to run the flightsim or other picoLisp
stuff I may have created this?



On 15 April 2016 at 20:39, Rick Hanson <> wrote:

> > so just do an additional
> >
> >   $ (cd src; make tools gate)
> >
> > to build the rest (without pil32).
> Ah!  I did not know about this.  Thanks!
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