Thanks for your tests and this breakdown compilation of the current state.
This should be a page in the wiki.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I resurveyed the options on Windows this
morning for PicoLisp

1. pil32 compiled under mingw -- compiles but doesn't work due to issues
with reading from stdin -- example (load "lib.l") is read as (load "lib.")
. similar failures when invoking from command line

2. pil32 compiled under cygwin - compiles and passes same tests as midipix
pil64. However, when running the app/main.l it crashes with "DB read: Bad
file descriptor".  This has come up before ( and
still seems to be an issue

3. pil64 emu - compiles but fails on (wait) tests... seems to hang
indefinitely. Possibly can be fixed with *C-params, but I don't
particularly want to run emu

4. pil64 midipix-based preview port [this release] ... runs app/main.l and
I can click around and view records. I noticed some instability when
editing and will research further

5. pil64 running under windows 10 subsystem - not tested as I don't have
windows 10 x64

>From my usage #4 is the best bet it seems

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