Hi Eric

Warmly welcome to our community :)

No fear, you will soon look through things.
I felt the same, but the community is very friendly and especially Alexander is 
extremely helpful.

I recommend again to join us in IRC :)

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Dear list,

I take the opportunity of this first post to introduce myself as well as
the reasons for which I come here.

I am not a computer scientist nor a professional web developper but a
kind of "power user" who often gets its hands dirty to build some
applications as close as possible to what he wants... That being said, I
have mostly built some websites using off the shelf CMS ;-)

However, my last "product" is a custom web application fully written
from scratch in R to access a graph database. And this is why I am here:
I want to rebuild it in order to add some "expert system" like capacity...

So starting to digg around, I first came to Prolog a few weeks ago and I
started learning it from scratch. This very week, I discovered Picolisp.
I started exploring it, and so far, I am really impressed! It looks very
appealing: having at hand a powerful language, a built-in database
system as well as Prolog make me dream ... though I don't know if I am
skilled enough to be able to do anything useful!

Any way, I have it up an running on my linux box ... so expect me to ask
very basic questions soon :)



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