Hi Alexander and Rowan,
Thank you for your interest on PilMCU :)
I kept the progress in silent because of the slow pace for I only able to work 
on this on my free time.
We plan to announce it once I have finished the demo video but due to my recent 
move to Japan I have to settle some urgent matters.But I can say it will be 
posted within this week for sure ;)
So yes, PilMCU is now running on an actual FPGA!! I used an affordable FPGA 
board from Waveshare which contains an Altera Cyclone IV.But I decided to build 
my own devkit which I called PISCES: PicoLisp In Silicon Chip Evaluation System
I am tempted to attach a picture of it but I remember that it caused some 
issues on the mailing list? So please wait for the video presentation on my 
youtube account soon :)
The devkit is a bit huge compared to RPi, Arduino, BeagleBoard.. because I 
designed it to have individual I/O port for VGA/PS2 module, TouchLCD module, 
Ethernet module and Wifi module.But this is still the first revision, we still 
can trim this down to a more compact system. Also, all the modules mentioned 
still need device drivers either in PIL64 asm or in PicoLisp itself, still need 
to ask Alex on this.
We had a great adventure to make the system work and when seeing the prompt and 
evaluating lisp code for the first time, the feeling was great!! Especially 
when file system using DB, parenthesis checking, auto-complete by tab key and 
command history by up/down key were working, the feeling was awesome!! :)
Sorry for this long reply, will keep you posted!!



    On Monday, April 3, 2017 6:03 PM, Rowan Thorpe <ro...@rowanthorpe.com> 

 On 3 April 2017 at 06:57, Alexander Williams <a...@unscramble.co.jp> wrote:
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> I discussed this briefly in the chat, but I would like to know the current
> status of PilMCU (initial announcement here:
> ..[snip]..
> In any case, I think this project is very interesting and I would love to
> get involved with it.
> ..[snip]..
> running on actual hardware, I would be more than willing to pay for a simple
> devkit in order to hack on this.

I'll just throw in my +1 to all those points. I'd kept every PilMCU
email thread labelled "followup" for the same reasons. At risk of
triggering a long thread of content-less "+1"s, I think it is helpful
to point out that AW's request is not a one-off anomaly, but that
there are several of us out here *dying* to mess around with this, and
to help it reach such a usable point, in whatever ways we can, if we

Rowan Thorpe
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worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a
problem." - Harold Stephens
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